I Think My 3 Year Old is a Chocolate Addict

Milk Duds box. Milk Duds are a milk chocolate-...

Milk Duds box. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each morning when I get up, one of the first things I do is go pour myself a cup of coffee so that I can start functioning. This morning my 3 year old, Ali, woke up the same time as me and was awfully quiet while I was getting my cup ready. I made my way to living room to find that the little chocolate addict had snagged a box of milk duds out of the fridge, plopped in the recliner and was popping them in her mouth like there was no tomorrow.

Take it or Leave It?

Normally, I enter an epic battle with her to take the chocolate away and believe me, trying to take chocolate from a three year old addict is an epic battle. This morning though, I just let her have it. We all have to pick our battles you know, and I just wasn’t up for it before I even had one cup of coffee in me. Does it make me a bad mommy for the morning, probably. Is it going to cause permanent emotional or physical health to her let her have at some Milk Duds for one morning, no.

Damaged chocolate easter bunny Deutsch: Leicht...

Damaged chocolate easter bunny Deutsch(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the most part I have solved her chocolate craze (which is completely foreign to me as the older two have the take or leave it mentality when it comes to chocolate and candy) by just not keeping it in the house. This particular box of chocolate and caramel goodness was brought here by my mom though, along with other various boxes of sweet goodness for the other kids. Darn it Mom!

My Deep Dark Secret

I’m a chocolate addict too! Probably not as bad as my little Ali as I have said I would give up chocolate before fresh baked bread and pasta, but pretty darn close. Let me tell you, being a chocolate addict makes it that much worse to have a child who is one because there is NO WHERE in your house that you can hide your own stash of rich creamy goodness that she won’t find it! I’m not kidding you, the child is like a bloodhound for chocolate.

I’m learning to live without chocolate when I have crazy cravings to keep my little fiend from eating so much of it, but it stinks! Have you had to back off of a favorite treat ever because your kids would eat way too much of it if you kept it in the house?

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