Yes, I am That Mom: The One Who Thinks the Cover of TIME Rocks!

Photo taken in 1967 or 1968. The mother was on...
If only women in America could care for their children as naturally as this mother is allowed to. No one places shame on her sexuallizes her actions! Instead, nature runs it course freely and it is beautiful. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it everyone is offended by the phrase "Are You Mom Enough," assuming that it is meant to place guilt onto the masses? Why is it, mothers everywhere are not staring at this message (like me) saying "Yes, I am mom enough to stand proud of my parenting choices in the face of a brutal unaccepting society, just like Jamie Lynne Grumet." I have never seen a phase that should make mothers think proudly of their convictions evoke so much anger.

So many mom blogs, mainstream media outlets and more are in an uproar over the cover of TIME. You see outcries over how it is “disgusting” or how it “doesn’t show what breastfeeding really looks like.” The terms “Mommy Wars” is flying around rampant as well as the slew of varying opinions on the article and cover being shared. I want to share with you just a few of the things that make me the Odd Mom I am, why I LOVE the cover and what I think about Mommy Wars.

I Would Shoot that Pose if Asked To!

I see nothing wrong with the cover shot. I don’t think it sexualizes breastfeeding and I don’t think it shows what is atypical of normal breastfeeding. It may freak out the masses but I have had plenty of moments where I was standing up doing something or in an awkward pose and my little one has tried to or has latched on. No biggie. I tell her it isn’t the time and we move on, but in no way is it “sexual” or not motherly like just because we were not in a typical snuggled up position.

My Opinions about Breastfeeding are Mine and You Shouldn’t Allow them to Make you Feel Guilty!

I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding, especially extended breastfeeding. A common thought among strong advocates for breastfeeding is that “formula is poison,” and I agree. I’m not afraid to say it and it makes you feel uncomfortable; remember that what you provide your child with is your choice. I have every right to feel the way I do about formula and share my opinion on it. My first child was not breastfed. After dealing with a crying, hungry baby for two weeks, I quit trying and went to formula full time. We went through many formulas and many illnesses with our son as well because his poor little body just couldn’t digest the stuff right.

What are the “Mommy Wars” Really?

I’ve seen a ton of articles out the past few days about the “Mommy Wars” and so many strong voices on the net calling out that they don’t really exist and that media is just looking for controversy. Well, I hate to break it to you, but they do. People will always criticize other people for their choices, especially when it comes to parenting. The difference is that many of us just know when to keep our mouths shut and not tell a mother outright that her choice of breastfeeding is “gross” or formula feeding is “poisonous.”

With all of that being said, I am an extended breast feeder, my children have never slept in cribs and we used cloth diapers, not because I followed any parenting advice from a book or tried to fit into a parenting style. This is the way I chose to mother my children because it is what felt natural and right to me. So my biggest issue with all of the media attention right now around the famed “Cover” is that people are not taking it for I it was meant to be, a barrier breaker for mothers like me who have been publicly ridiculed for choices and treated as perverts because we live in an over sexualized society, for doing something so natural.

Whatever you parenting choices are, quit looking for reasons to knock down the cover and instead unite around a young mom who had the guts to put what she knows is right out there. Just because it isn’t your style of parenting or how you breastfeed you in your house, doesn’t mean it isn’t okay. Get the F over it and ask yourself if you are “Mom Enough” to stand behind your own choices without belittling those of others.

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