I’ve Been Thinking About my Klout Topics Lately, Do You Know What Yours Say about You?

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Chances are you already know that Klout measures your influence on the web but have you ever taken the time to really look at your influential topics to see what they say about you? If you blog and you haven’t, you should. After all, these are the topics that people are actually listening to you about, but are they really want you want to be talking about? I for one am sort of bummed that I’ve stuck myself in the home school mold.

My Klout Topics

You see, my top three Klout topics, serving up strong and high influences, are homeschooling, home school and technology. Why, because up until a few months ago this was the focus of my blog. Then I had to go and have a pre mid-life crisis and totally change the direction of my blog and now it doesn’t fit anymore. My topics no longer speak to who I am and want to be, instead they share what my blog used to portray.

The rest of my topics are a little more telling about me as a person and what I like to yap away about, sitting there on the Klout topics page like a confusing blend reminding me of how much I feel like a “Jack of all trades” each day.

My Medium Influence Topics

Education – I am passionate about education, not only homeschooling but all things education and feel that we should all read and read and continue to educate ourselves.

Moms – As a mom, of course I like to talk about moms.

Blogging – I’m happy to see this one on the topics as I have blogged for somewhere around 8 years now, successfully selling a niche blog two years ago. I love blogging.

My Low Influence Topics, But influential None the Less

Books – I do not have nearly as much time to read as I would like. In fact, I am SO behind on a few review books that it is ridiculous. But I do love good books and sharing them. Especially children’s books.

Red Bull – I recently added Red Bull to my topics myself because I think the new brand topic pages are flipping awesome and so are the perks that come with them. I’ve always loved the Red Bull commercials, so why not chit chat about the brand for a while and show them some love.

By the way, it would be Awesome if you could come by and +K my influence in Red Bull for me!

Astronomy – I’m still a little confused as to how this ended up on my topic list, I am far from influential in the field as there are 10 year olds that probably know more than I do. But, I would love to be a seasoned stargazer, so I’ve left it up for now.

Apps – I ♥apps! Apps are awesome, enough said!

Klout – I’m writing a blog post about Klout topics, go figure. : )

Gossip Girl – Yes, it is one of my guilty pleasure TV shows and I’m not afraid to admit it!

iPad – We own one, It is my EdTech best friend and I will cry if anything more than mysterious crack in the corner of the screen happens and I cannot use it.

Pinterest – This is such a hate/love influence. I HATE all of the issues they have served up over the past few months with the terms of service and copyright issues. I have embarrassed the fact though that this will be the next best thing in brand marketing for bloggers if done the right way.

I told you I had a had a long ‘Jack of all trades” list! Don’t leave me yet, we are almost there!

Family – I may not be influential over your family, or even mine half the time, but apparently Klout thinks I influence family talk at some point in time.

Bucket List – I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, they are crap. Instead I like to make bucket list each year of things I would like to do, if I don’t oh well!

Florida – I’m a native, grew up way to close to the Mouse House.

Television – If I didn’t have kids or if they were in school, I would probably veg in front of the TV all day, minus the bonbon’s though, yuck!

Food – I love to eat and cook, but I’m the type of cook that walks into my pantry and throws a dish together nightly sans recipes and measuring. Doesn’t translate well to blogging.

Hotels – We stay in one about every two to three months for one night or weekend getaways. Hotels are my friends!

So, there is my personality all laid out Klout topic style. While it may not be true to what my blog is serving up right now, it is pretty on the money when it comes to me, all over the place and passionate about many things.

Tell me, what do your Klout topics say about you?


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