SheCon, Disney and a Family Vacation all Rolled into One!

Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams i...

Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams is the largest fireworks show ever presented at the Magic Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)In just two short days, my family will be packing up to head to the KOA Kissimmee/Orlando Kampground for 5 days and 4 nights. It will be the closest thing to a vacation we have had in years (not counting our weekend getaways) in spite of the fact that I plan to soak up a ton of social media goodness at SheCon for two days while we are there. Part of me thinks I am insane to think that I can easily transfer myself from the “camping” environment to the “conference” environment, but that is when I am reminded that I am just going to be me.

Conferences and Camping Parmer Style

For a while, I felt a bit intimidated about going to the conference as so many of the women that will be attendance portray “fabulous” online. I’m not the type to get dressed up for any occasion and am not a big fan of portraying an image either. I had a brief moment (a major lapse in my own judgment) in which I ran out to Kohls and spent a ridiculous amount on what I deemed conference worthy attire. Then I woke up, reminded myself that it just isn’t me, and returned almost all of it.

It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate fashion (I did model for 4 years) it just isn’t something that I place much value on these days. I quite content in a comfortable pair of jeans and shirt and a pair sandals. So, while at SheCon the other attendees will meet the real me, the me that doesn’t swoon over handbags, doesn’t wear jewelry and is in love with 1993 full sized dodge van that most people would be appalled to drive.

The same goes for camping. We are not the Disney resort types. We much prefer a low-key budget resort that feels more like home or better yet, camping in a tent. That is exactly what we will be doing for these 4 nights, camping in a tent and fully enjoying the time with our babies.

What We Will Be Up Too

Well, were not entirely sure of what our itinerary will include we have some things set in stone and some ideas.

Thursday – Head over in the morning and hit up a park, either Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios depending on what time we arrive. Then we will make our way to the campground around lunchtime to set up and eat. After that, we’ll hit up whichever park we didn’t go to in the morning for a few hours and then back to the site to make dinner.

Friday – I will be at SheCon all day and into the evening but the family will be joining me at lunchtime for a fun filled lunch hosted by Subway. What they will be up to the rest of the day is unknown?

Saturday – I will be at SheCon until 4pm while the hubs and gets have fun together. Then we will head out to an Evening at Epcot for Dinner and to participate in the scavenger hunt hosted by WDWDads for SheCon.

Sunday – Is our Magic Kingdom day because we must try out the new rides and visit Snow White before it closes down for good.

Monday – We will be packing up to go home, but I’m sure we will spend a few hours at a park before we go, as we always do.

Are any of my readers headed to SheCon? Will you be enjoying Disney with your family while there too, or is it just a short trip for you?

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