Five Social Media Mom Tactics That Suck


Okay, I know you are probably wondering what right I have to point out social media mom tactics that suck. Not much, but guess what, I like to read blogs, follow along with twitter statuses and enter giveaways too, but there are five sure fire ways to get under my skin and make me question the value of your opinion.

Number 5: Being a +K Whore

I just wrote a whole post about how +K junkies are ruining the credibility of perk campaigns over at Klout. If you constantly exchange +K just to get free shit without evaluating someone’s actual influence, I think your tactic sucks!

Number 4: The 24-Hour Follower

What is a 24-hour follower? They are the ones who follow you, you decide they look interesting and follow them back only to realize that 24 hours later they have unfollowed you after catching the attention of your followers. Your sneaky backhanded way of gathering a following is a tactic that sucks!

Number 3: She Thinks She is a Star

Unless you are an fabulous social media influencer like @AudreyMcClellan @Resourcefulmom or @247moms don’t pump your bio up to make yourself look like a social media guru, it looks tacky. While I’m at it, tell us about you, not that your blog is PR friendly or that you are “Product reviewer.” These tactics all suck. If a brand likes what you have to offer, they are going to contact you regardless of a PR blurb tacked onto all of your networks!

Number 2: The Giveaway Circus Act

If I come to your blog for a giveaway of product that interest me, the last thing I want to do is jump through your circus act of hoops to have a shot in hell at winning. If getting maximum entries means I have to like 100 Facebook pages, follow 50 twitter accounts and so on, you have lost me. I don’t want to try the product bad enough to follow a slew of desperate bloggers that I really have no interest in. If you are trying to gain readers & followers, try good old-fashioned interesting content because this tactic sucks!

Number 1: Will Flash Boobs for Sponsorship

I’m not against sponsors for bloggers. In fact, I pitched for brands for SheCon earlier this year. What I am against is the bloggers that practically beg brands to sponsor them in their blog post and tweets, practically harassing them. You might as well offer to flash your boobs, this tactic sucks! Learn the art of the pitch and do it privately.  If you don’t get a sponsor, reevaluate what you are doing and consider other options to fund your trip in the future.

I’m sure I just pissed off a whole slew of bloggers, but I hope I have encouraged a whole lot more to create real relationships within their network, to write great content and all that jazz and maybe someday you will be a star in the social media mom world. In the meantime, just know that just because I think your tactics suck, doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I probably just avoid your content more often than not waiting for those little gems that I know you toss out now and again.