Quirks of an Odd Mom: I Like Having My Kids at Home

It is that time of year again when parents are doing mad dashes to the stores for ridiculously long school supply list and counting down until the first day of school. It is the time of year that I dread every year because it makes me wonder why some people even have kids. It is that time of year when I will undoubtedly read or hear this phrase multiple times.

I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school, they are driving me nuts! :::Insert some stupid snickering remark about having “their” time back::::

I just don't get it? Do you women only know how to be around your children when you can limit it to 2 hours of interaction a day? Do you just really not like kids?

I feel an unbearable amount of guilt for the six months I worked when my oldest was an infant. I missed out on things and I cannot get that back. I can't imagine being a stay at home mom and sitting home all day while my kids were off at school. If your going to ship them off all day everyday, why do you stay home?

I'll probably never come to understand the moms that cannot wait to rush their kids off to school, because I spend SO much time with my kids and I like it that way.

 How about you? If you are one that can't wait to rush your kids back out of the house, tell me why? Has it just become routine to you?