A Polar Bear Mini Unit - Books, Crafts and More

We actually had two days of cold weather, well cold for Florida anyways, this past week. Meanwhile, the rest of you are still iced over and hunkered down so I say, polar vortex smortex, let's talk about polar bears instead. I love our current curriculum, but sometimes it is fun to just stop for a week and learn about one thing that fits the season of the year or your children's current interest. What better time to plunge into some polar bears then during the icy cold of January.

While you can certainly intermingle the books and activities listed here among different age groups in your home, I've divided them up into three sections, 4 to 6, 6 to 8 and 8 to 11.Plus there is a family section with activities that are fun for everyone plus some documentaries you can watch.


For the 4 to 6 Year Old Kiddos

B is for Bear coloring page

B is for Bear handwriting page

Penguins and Polar Bears File Folder Games 

Cotton Ball Polar Bear Craft

For the 8 to 11 Year Old Kiddos

Polar Bear Anatomy Worksheet

Polar Bear Circle Book - Covers anatomy, diet, fur, reproduction and habitat

For the Family

Polar Bear Blubber Experiment - Fun with Crisco and ice water

Polar Bear Facts and Pictures - from National Geographic 

Polar Bear Tracker


If you have Netflix DVD service be sure to add to Nature: Polar Bears to your queue too and enjoy your time learning about these beautiful creatures!