An Odd Mom Minute: I Will Rule You!

Hey there my odd friends! I've been super busy and neglecting you and I'm sorry! To keep it from happening again, on days that I don't have time sensitive post, I'm going to bring you the Odd Mom Minute, 60 seconds of what I'm up to, in lieu of silence.


I'm busy writing an eBook on literature for the primary grades that I hope you will love. 6,000 words down, many more to go.

When not writing, I've been trying out some fun stuff like Spanish for You and Saving Memories Forever.  Reviews for both are coming soon.

I watched my hubby battle with a transmission, in which the transmission won. Round two is coming soon!

I downloaded Tropico 4 on the Xbox as an early birthday present and I remembering why I LOVED this game in the past. I will RULE you rebels!

Finally, I've been keeping up with The Blog Workshop, happening next month. Watch my tweets at @thatoddmom for news about the sponsors and reminders to get your ticket before it is too late.