An Odd Mom's 2014 Bucket List

Those who have followed my blog for  a while know that I don't do resolutions. Resolutions set you up for failure. This odd mom does bucket list. Simple and extravagant things I hope to do by the time year comes to a close. Since I've had a LOT on my mind at the end of 2013, the list this year is rather long. I'm dividing up by basic goal categories, but stick with me!


  • Complete "365 Tao: Daily Meditations" because I need to remember to have daily "Me Time" and not always put myself last.
  • Fill a journal with life's memorable moments. The little things that we often overlook and forget. Reflect on why I am grateful often.
  • Open up and make new friends. I had to say goodbye to old friends last year that had become toxic to my life and it is time to try and fill those voids.


  • Call my grandmother more often! I know she treasure our phone calls but somehow I seem to let to much time slip by in between each one.
  • Invite family over once a month for a meal, games or just conversation. 


  • Pay off the Lowes card
  • Pay off the Capital One card
  • Pay off the 401k Loan
  • Save $10,000


  • Find a local food bank that I can donate my time to. We have been there in the past and it is time to give back.
  • Donate a percentage of my online earnings each month to No Kid Hungry.
  • Continue to encourage my mom as she tries to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


  • Get a second car! We have been a one car family for SO long and I'm really ready for some more freedom during the day again. I don't need a new car, just a reliable car that will serve its purpose.
  • Schedule a date night once a week with the hubs, even if it means sneaking in the bedroom for a movie while the kids play minecraft.
  • Take a real vacation. Somewhere further than an hour from home for at least one week. We haven't taken one since 2002, I would say it is LONG overdue.
  • Get Disney passes again. With all of my other lifestyle and financial wishes for the year, it seems kind of silly to hope to cross this one off, but it IS Disney!
  • Go to Universal Studios with the kids after Diagon Alley opens. 


  • Officially register Odd Mom Media as a business.
  • Stay out of the red EVERY month.
  • Find my voice again and get out of this writer's block-funk that I have been in for far too long.
  • Go to FLBlogCon again
  • Attend a Mom It Forward retreat
  • Grow Twitter to 5,000 followers
  • Grow Pinterest to 2,000 followers
  • Grow Google+ to 1,000 followers
  • Grow Newsletter to 500 subscribers
  • Attend more local events and get to know the bloggers in my community better.


  • Continue to learn about herbal health and fermentation.
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0 course at Coursera, May - June
  • The New Nordic Diet - from Gastronomy to Health course at Coursera in April
  • Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences course at Coursera, January - April
  • Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World course at Coursera, March - May
  • What’s Your Big Idea? course at Coursera, no planned time
  • Introduction to the Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People course at Coursera in July


  • Touch my toes! Don't laugh, but between my bad knee and multiple car accidents as a teenager, I haven't been able to do this since I was 15. Here's hoping this is the year. 
  • Cut out all refined sugar.
  • Cut out all processed foods.
  • Completely get rid of my migraines.
  • Replace all over the counter meds with natural remedies.
  • Replace all bathroom and household items with natural choices, such as honey shampoo.
  • STOP SMOKING! Gasp...yes I still do. I know how bad it is trust me. 


  • Plant a garden.
  • Create an office place somewhere in the house.
  • Plant some flowers in the front yard.
  • Win the battle against Mount Laundry!


  • Join in the 365 Resolution challenge and encourage my children every day!
  • Read to them even more.
  • Plan one on one "dates" once a month.
  • Play a game with them at least once a week.
  • Write a story with them!


There you have it, all of things I hope to do in 2014 and if I don't, that's okay. How about you, do you make resolutions, bucket list or something else for the New Year?