An Online Blog Conference for All – The Blog Workshop


As a homeschool mom, it is hard for me to deny the fact that no matter what we do, we must continue to learn in order to grow. This holds true for bloggers too. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, if you are not continually growing with the business you’re not going to get very far.

Each year I make out grand plans with list full of blogging and social media conferences that I would like to attend. Then I begin to add up the cost of the registration, transportation, hotel and incidentals. If I’m lucky enough to work out the financial part of it, the conference is happening at the most inopportune time for me.

Enter The Blog Workshop

Now a blogging conference that is perfect for every blogger or vlogger is available online. Without skimping on any of the information at, Da Vince, from Your Life After 25, has organized an online conference, The Blog Workshop, for those of that do not have the resources or time for the traditional venue.

When: May 17 – 19 2013

Where: Online anywhere you have an internet connection

Cost: $175

Use Code TBW25ODDMOM for $25 off your registration (Payment plan not applicable)

Details of The Blog Workshop Conference

The Agenda of The Blog Workshop is awesome, bringing workshops from panel speakers such as Ryan Schram, Chief Marketing Officer at IZEA and Holly Hamann from BlogFrog. Not only are the speakers great, but the workshops themselves are offering up info on media relations, marketing and so much more with a full hour of question and answer sessions each day.

Conference Agenda Chart.png

You Can Attend the Conference at a Discounted Rate

Even though The Blog Workshop is a budget friendly conference, it is understandable to still look for the best deal out there. For those that cannot swing the full registration cost you have the option to register for a discounted rate of $125, by helping to fund the conference by visiting the indigogo campaign. Here you can even choose to be a conference sponsor for as little as $250 and help spread the word about your blog to a large audience.

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