The Beginning of My Journey Towards Better Health

Ditching the Fast and Processed Foods

I have blogged in the past about what a curse being skinny can be. Clothes shopping is a nightmare and more often than not people are nasty and rude to you about "how tiny" you are, whether they realize it or not. In fact for some reason, people seem to feel they can vocalize their opinion of you if you are skinny in any way they see fit. After all, it couldn't possibly hurt the feelings of someone who isn't overweight, right!

There is another downside to being skinny too, and that is being incredibly lax with your diet. Though I have never been a horrible eater, I also didn't think twice about processed foods that I was consuming and even worse, the amount of sugar I gobbled up each day. I don't gain weight, so it just didn't seem important.

I've slowly been learning though that those processed foods, especially sugar, are monsters gobbling away at my health. I may still look like the normal skinny Jess on the outside, but on the inside my body has been MISERABLE!

The past year has been the worse, with weekly migraines, more joint pain, complete mid-day exhaustion and spastic hormones. 

I decided I have had enough of feeling like crap and began my battle against the sugar monster and processed foods earlier this year.


Would you like some highly processed oil and added sugar with that?

I started the change with the worst culprit of all, fast food. I didn't eat it every day or even every week, but I still had it far too often. I can happily say that I have only had fast food five times (excluding Domino's, that is a battle I'm still fighting) in the past eight months. That includes two trips to Taco Bell, one Krystal, Hardees and Subway. I haven't gone near a McDonald's since March and couldn't even tell you the last time I ate at any other brand. 

Not one of these times has been because I said "hey I really want some <insert fast food here>." It was because we were out, busy, hungry and it was convenient. Knocking the fast food out completely is just going to be a matter of better planning.


Ditching the boxes, cans and containers

i grew up in a house where our pantry was also stacked to the brim with boxed, bottled and canned foods. It was there in case of an emergency but it was also convenient. Who wants to make cream of mushroom soup when it takes two seconds to pop open a can?

It has been a LONG and SLOW process for me to break away from this way of thinking. It still freaks me out now to see a practically bare pantry as we consume the last of our processed stuff and move towards consuming only fresh and homemade options. 

That little voice in my head starts to go into panic mode. What if the power goes out for a week? What if their is a financial crises and we have no money for food? What are we going to eat? 

I know the fears will subside once I start to process more of my own healthy canned goods for long term storage. For now I just reminded myself that I am eating food that I can actually pronounce without added sugar or nasty oils.


In my next post I'm going to discuss the next step in my journey, a move towards real milk and organic food. Then I'm going to move forward with how I am conquering the evil monster know as sugar, my next steps and how I am feeling with all of the changes.