I’ll Take Booze for Valentine’s Please!

I’ve never been a big fan of the commercialization of Valentine’s Day and this year it is really getting to me. If I have to see one more jewelry commercial, I might just lose it. So this Valentine’s I’m asking my hubby to bring me home a bottle of booze to help me cope with the ridiculousness of it all. Heck, you can send me a bottle too if you want!

We Can’t all be the Queen

So what is everyone’s obsession with pricy bling for every special occasion?

I’m admittedly not a big jewelry fan to begin with, hell, neither me or my husband have worn wedding bands for your years because we prefer not to have things on our fingers. That being said, I get the appeal of jewelry, it is shiny and pretty, but so what. That doesn’t mean we need it.

If I brought home everything that I though was pretty and shiny, my home would be hoarders meets cribs with a back door for the drug deals I would need to finance it all.

Roses Die and Balloons Deflate

Don’t worry diamond lovers, I’m just as disgruntled about overpriced flowers and bunches of balloons for Valentine’s Day.

Not chocolate though……you can bring me a GIANT box of chocolate and you won’t hear me complain. 

As a matter of fact, chocolate is easily a once a week, “Honey I Love” occasion, no need to wait for a greeting card day to hand it over.

The Real Way to Win My Heart

Forget all of the traditional gifts for the occasion. Bring me home some fresh baked bread (bread is my drug of choice,) pour me a good glass of wine and deal with every sibling rivalry, butt wipe and sugar high while I lock myself in the room for at least three hours for a Downton Abbey marathon.

How about you? Are all for the traditional Valentine’s Day hoopla or would you rather forgo it for some bread, wine and wit?