CDC Recommends 53 Immunizations from Birth through 18 Years of Age

Does 53 immunizations for children from birth through 18 years of age sound a little alarming to you, it does to me. That is the current number the CDC recommends children receive for their protection. After discussing the Supreme Court ruling regarding the health care act this morning with my mother, we began to discuss vaccinations. Why, because the thought of the government telling me I must do something or be taxed terrifies me when it comes to the possibility of all of these vaccinations.

I could go on for days telling you why our family has chosen not to vaccinate, instead I’ll just bullet point some facts for you.

  • Our oldest was fully vaccinated until the age of 2. At 15 months, he began exhibiting Autistic behaviors. By two years old, he had so many ear infections that on the last one we were told his body could not have any more antibiotics. Once we ceased vaccinations he no longer got ear infections and has not had to go back to the doctor for illness once, he is now 9.
  • Our 7 year old received her vaccinations through age four months. She has been to the doctor for an ear infection once and has never had another sick child visit.
  • Our 3 year old have received vaccinations through 1 month. She has been to the doctor for illness once on her first birthday for a stomach virus that was dehydrating her.
  • There are 103 possible ingredients, depending on the brand of vaccine, which may be injected into your children’s bloodstream when vaccinated. Nothing can convince me that is okay to alter our natural design and pump these ingredients into our children. If our bodies were meant to house them, they would be there already.
  • I have researched, read, researched and read some more over the past 7 years to inform myself of the best choice regarding immunizations for our family.
  • Probably a very unpopular choice for many: I feel that humankind in general tries too hard to counteract nature with science. Are we really helping ourselves by constant pumping man made stuff into our bodies for the sake of “health” or just making it worse in the end?

So, my question today is for those that do not vaccinate or partially vaccinate. If there is any truth to the rumor that under the new healthcare act that you must have all vaccinations to qualify for healthcare, would you immunize your children or would you forgo having health insurance and pay the tax? I know my answer, but I’m curious what others would do.