Check out My New Home on Squarespace V6


Months ago, I received a coveted email invite to try out Squarespace version 6, in the beta stage. Already a loyal fan of Squarespace, I was swooning even though there were limited beta templates up and not all functions were working yet. I tinkered along created a few mock up sites along the way and today I’m finally ready to introduce you to That Odd Mom’s new home where I can be simplistic on some fronts and wow on others. Let’s check it out.

The Pages

The Sidebars

My main sidebar on the left is shown across my site. It is home to my navigation, search function, links to my twitter, Facebook and Google accounts and a button leading you to a great cause, No Kid Hungry. This awesome little bar is static and stays put while you scroll my site.

My blog sidebar is only present when you are visiting the blog and contains all of the normal goodies you expect to find in a blog sidebar.

My new landing page is one that I hope brings the wow. If you’ve ever paid attention to my designs in the past, I like to make a statement, but I’m not big on clutter.

My home page is simple, with links to topics I blog about up top, a few blog snippets and a glimpse of my twitter feed.

The beauty of easy column placement from V6 can be found on my About Me page. For someone with more design talents than me, this has to be an AMAZING feature, I love it too. (You can even easily work with columns within your blog post too! Do a nerdy jump for joy with me!) SEE  --->

My contact me page has a built in form that automatically emails me and backs up the data.

My Blog Frog Community, Odd Mom’s Unite is still easily embedded.

Now I can easily place my Legal Jargon in an easy to view location while keeping the font smaller than the main navigation. Love it!

I’m in love with this new platform and am especially happy that it the platform & hosting are free for me still since I came on board as a beta user. You can make your own super easy to use site now though without a special invitation for as low as $8 a month. Go check it out, but before you go, tell me, what do you think of my new little home on the web? Do you find it easy to read and navigate or should I tweak some more?

*At this time I am redoing the categories & tags and all of my 2 years worth of post for easier navigation, please bare with, I’m sure it will take a while.