Conquering the Sugar Monster - My Loaded Coffee


One of the first steps I made towards eating a more traditional and real food diet was to back off on my consumption of processed sugar. I was putting a TABLESPOON of sugar in each cup of coffee and drinking four cups a day. about overload.

It has been a little over two months now though since I put even a grain of sugar into my coffee. I will admit it was difficult at first to go from my sugary concoction that had not only my added sugar, but the sugar from whatever creamer I was using to just coffee and real milk. 

Photo by feserc - Some rights reserved         

I REALLY enjoy it now though.

In fact, the only time I use processed sugar now is when I make sweet tea, because well, I'm a southern girl that LOVES her sweet tea and I just haven't adjusted myself to making any other way yet. I will get there though.

All other foods are sweetened with honey if need be or I just leave the sugar out all together.

I had ordered some pure stevia from Frontier through our last co-op order but they were out. Boo! I will try again and hopefully by the beginning of March I will have another sweet alternative for baking and things like homemade soda.

I do have to admit though, that even two months later I STILL haven't cut out all processed foods with added sugar. I still have a store bought soda a few times a week and I buy the kids sugar laden snacks because weaning them off the beast isn't fun! Have you ever had you kids call you evil because they think you are going to stop buying all of their favorite foods? It isn't fun!

If you have made the transition from processed food to a real food or traditional diet, how did you transition your kids smoothly? I'm not sure I will ever be able to get them to part with their overly processed favorites.