Dancing in the Moonlight


Last week my four year old daughter, Ali, began twirling around in her princess nightgown on our back porch. It was in that moment between the gorgeous hues of a sunset and pure darkness and she suddenly started belting out, “Dancing in the Moonlight.”

I’m not sure where she heard the song.

For that moment though I couldn’t help but sit and smile as I soaked up her innocence, her love for song and dance and of course her love for the moon.

I want to Dance in the Moonlight!

Life became so hectic with our move that I completely shut down for last half of the week last week. It has been slow moving so far this week too, trying to get back into a normal routine without trying to accomplish it all in one day.

It has left me thinking about my daughter. Yeah, she is only four, but man does she know how to live in the moment.

My own kind of dance.

While I haven’t actually, danced in the moonlight recently, I made sure to learn a lesson from my daughter and I soaked up the moments over the weekend. When a kid came to me to cuddle, I hugged a little bit longer and tighter. When an awesome song came on, I dance through the house like only a completely embarrassing mother and wife could do.

So if I am slow at posting for a while, just remember, I am adjusting to a new home, helping my sweet children adjust to the move too and I am remembering to enjoy life.