Easy Homeschool Grade Tracking with My Home School Grades

Please see my update Review: My Homeschool Grades, for new features and pricing!
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I am a self proclaimed digital planning junkie. If I can plan, record or track with it online, I'll will try it out at least once. Recently I have had the opportunity to try out a new web based platform for recording grades, My Home School Grades.


What is My Home School Grades?

My Home School Grades is a web based program that allows you to record your child's grades, activities and print out a professional style transcript. It can be accessed wherever you have a computer connection; from a phone, tablet or your computer. The concept is the brainchild of a fellow homeschool dad and the programming is done by a homeschool graduate.

Just a Few of the Features

  • Intuitive and simple grade calculations. Whether you enter your grade as an A, 95 or 18/20, it will calculate it for you.
  • You can choose to assign credit, full or partial, to a course or none at all. You can even choose to skip grades all together use a pass/fail system.
  • Transcripts can include every year of your child's grade that you have recorded or you can choose to print out a single year or group of years.


See that picture above, that is how easy it is to add a class to record grades. Every other aspect of the program is just as easy too! There is nothing like simplicity that still gets the job done to get me hooked.

What I particularly like about My Home School Grades is the fact that you place classes into quarters, semesters or full years. It works out especially well for the live classes we take that never span a full year.

There really are so many great features that I could gush about, but instead, I encourage you to go sign up for the FREE 2-week trial and try it out for yourself! After that it is just $49.99 for a LIFETIME membership for your WHOLE family. Awesome, right?

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