Educational App Review - One Minute Reader


One of my favorite reasons for owning an iPad is the seemingly endless supply of educational apps that are available. My kids love them and I find that they work great at replacing traditional drill methods, such as flash cards.  

Until recently we did not have any good reading apps downloaded and then I was given the opportunity to review the One Minute Reader App. Through Mosaic Reviews, I was provided with a full level of my choice for free, to facilitate this review. 

About the App

The One Minute Reader App is based off of a popular paper based reading fluency program from Read Naturally. It uses a system of cold timed readings followed by read alongs that are modeled with proper fluency to help struggling readers. 

The app is divided into 6 levels, E (early first grade) through 5 (middle fifth grade) and provides a placement test to help you decide which level your child should be working on.

Once you choose a level, there are multiple fun non-fiction stories for your child to work on that are followed by a simple quiz for comprehension and a crossword puzzle to go over vocabulary words. 

Our Experience With the App

For our review I requested level E to use with Ema. Even though she is going into third grade in a week and can read, she prefers to readily protest that she cannot. Since I believe this stems from fluency I thought it would be great to start at the beginning a build up some confidence.

When I first asked Ema to sit down with me and the One Minute Reader app to try it out she wasn't very happy. How dare I ask her to read aloud! After one run through she found out that she really enjoyed it. 

She had a lot of fun seeing her scored times and trying to beat them and because she adores crosswords and is a vocab whiz the end of each story was like a big reward for her. 

I have definitely seen improvement in her fluency since she started using the app and I look forward to continuing through all of the levels. 

Where to Get One Minute Reader

You can download the One Minute Reader app from the iTunes store with 6 complete stories for free and additional story sets start at $2.99.

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