Feeling Nostalgic for High School Drama – Start a Blog

A think one of the most freeing aspects of becoming an adult is escaping the cliques of high school and all of the drama that comes with them. Even if you were lucky enough to grace the “in crowd,” there were still moments of insanity. If someone ever asked me if I missed my high school days and all the drama that comes with it I would say “No, how could I, I am a blogger.”

The world of blogging is full of cliques and drama that is inescapable after a while. What I find most disturbing is the ever growing force of the cliques in the homeschool blogging niche that seem to have no problem digging a stiletto into your back in true mean girl fashion all while portraying a full on GCB persona on the fore front.

One would think that homeschool community would band together, but the fact is that there is always someone looking to be the Queen B. Alliances have been formed, monopolies strategized and dirty play books penciled in for the long haul.

I’m honestly not even sure if many of these women realize what they are doing and how they are portraying themselves. I can happily say though, that just like in high school, I’m not in the in crowd. I’m not one of the mean girls. I’m happily hanging out with all of the other odd kids, letting my quirky shine while working hard and secretly hoping that these women will realize one day just how silly it all is and how much stronger our community could be if we all just stopped trying step on each other’s toes.


How about you, have you felt the sting of group of blog BFF’s yet or are you secretly a mean girl plotting your revenge against my little rant??? Be honest now.