Have You Played Twister Lately?

Recently Hasbro sent me a fun party pack which included Twister, Twister Rave Ringz, a coupon to Twister Dance Rave, some sparkly temporary tattoos and some tasty Cheetos Simply Natural White Cheddar Puffy Puffed Corn.  It all arrived via HouseParty.com in exchange for hosting a party to share off the fun new Hasbro games.


Well, you can see how I feel about the birthday parties here and I will tell you it remains the same. While my daughter had fun this past Saturday, the only other children here were her siblings. It made game play a little less exciting and left little to no opportunity for fun picture taking. 

That leads me to this post, because I must share my love of Twister with someone!

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Ages 6 and Up

Hasbro Games

It wasn't too long ago that my 10 year old asked me what my favorite game was and suddenly I shouted Twister. I hadn't played in years, but you know, as a kid it was always my favorite. Then I felt my heart hit the ground when the kids looked at me with a puzzled look and said, "What's Twister?" HUH! 

I couldn't believe it, had we never really had the game around our kids yet. How could they NOT know what Twister is?  

That is why I was excited when I found I would be hosting a Hasbro party that included Twister. Little did I know that Twister had been revamped since I was a kid. Now, not only do  you have to place your extremities on the colorful dots without falling down, but their also purple dots on the spinner that could leave you foot in the air or doing some other crazy move. 

The kids LOVE playing and I am so glad we finally brought this classic game into our home! 

Twister Rave Ringz

Ages 8 and Up

Twister Rave Ringz Game, Pink
Hasbro Games

It all began with patty cake and then by the time you were 5 or 6 you seeing how fast you could clap out Mrs. Mary Mack. Yeah, the good old days of being a kid when hand clap games were cool. 

Never fear, Hasbro is helping bring back the classic game of hand clapping with their Twister Rave Ringz that light up and change colors as you clap, move and twist your hands.  


Twister Dance Rave

Ages 8 - 16

Twister Dance Rave Game
Hasbro Games

What happens when you take the dots off the mat and add music? You have Twister Dance Rave and a great way to sneak in some homeschool PE disguised as fun. 

We love to have random family dance parties in our home which makes the great Dance Rave game a great fit for us.  



You can find out more about all of the twister games, learn fun new ways to play and watch videos at www.playtwister.com


Next week I'm going to tell you what we think about Bejeweled!