Hold the Salt Please!

We have been working really hard on improving our diets here at the odd home for months now. While we still eat processed foods such as bread, lunch meat, cheese and the occasional junk food, we've done really well at cutting out a lot of the bad for you stuff. 

In cutting out the crap, we've also cut out a lot of salt from our diets that is used in processing. To top it off, we switched over about 6 months ago to using either natural sea salt or kosher salt, breaking out the traditional iodized table salt for play dough making only. (Don't worry we consume plenty of iodine rich foods here)

What I've learned from this big change is that I find it difficult to enjoy any food outside the home anymore. I feel like someone has handed me a salt lick on a plate each time and for some crazy reason I've put my body through 3 torture sessions of salt lick over an 8 day period.

First, I caved and we had Hardee's last Saturday. The first fast food of that style (I still order pizza occasionally) in about 3 months. Then, it was lunch at Arabian Nights on Tuesday for Media Day. Finally, we decided to try out a Chinese Buffet for lunch on Saturday.

The result of the dining out binge has been a VERY unhappy tummy and intense craving for raw fruits and veggies. I have replaced many meals after these dining out sessions with a small plate of fruit or veggies, trying to balance everything back out. 

This really makes me sad. I LOVE food and I love to dine out when it is in the budget, but I don't want to feel like a big pile BLAH everytime I do.  

Oh how I wish I lived in an area full of affordable restaurants that featured fresh, local, non-processed foods. Until then, I beg of you restaurants, hold the salt please! 

Unless of course, you are handing me a tasty, awesome margarita, then feel free to salt away my friend.