Homeschool Review: See The Light Sunflowers Art Project


My kids LOVE art in all forms and even though I do too, I’m not particularly great at teaching it. I decided to start our homeschool year off studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh, letting the kids replicate the images with a medium of their choice. Then what should happen, I find out I will have the chance to review an Art Project from See the Light who just happens to have Sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh, YES!



What are See The Light Art Projects?

The See the Light Art projects are in DVD format and taught by an actual artist (instead of mom who daydreams of being an artist.) They are geared for ages 10 and up and are ideal for high school fine arts credit.


Each project comes with a materials list (materials are not included) that will be used during the course of four step-by-step lessons. There are currently 9 projects to choose from including the Sunflowers we reviewed, Paper Jungle, Tiffany Window and more. You can purchase them individually, in a boxed set or sign up for the DVD-of-the-Month Club.

Sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

Matt Sunflowers.jpg

The Sunflowers art project DVD is full of step by step instructions for using short stokes and layering color to create a composition in the style of Van Gogh. There is also art history and bible verses included each lesson. With my kids being younger, they became bored of the "talking" by the third lesson and really just wanted to get to the art. As a mom and teacher, I really appreciated it.

Matt, 10, really enjoyed the project as he followed along using our own sunflowers in a vase for his model. Ema, 8, insisted on joining in, but I will tell you now, if your child is a perfectionist and under the recommend age of 10 and up, this project is NOT for you. 

She was easily upset, over and over, by the fact that she hadn't done something exactly the way it was shown on the lesson. She did finish though and was happy with the finished product. 

Ema Sunflowers.jpg

Overall, I think the art project was great and I look forward to purchasing more in the future. 


How to Get See The Light Art Projects


Website url: See the Light Shine


Price of product: $14.99 per   DVD, $99.99 for a complete boxed set or $12.50 per DVD if you sign up for the   monthly subscription.


Purchase from: See the Light Shine Store


Other products available: See   The Light also sells Art Class DVD’s, which teach the basics, Bible Stories,   Online Art Classes and more.


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