Homeschool Thoughts & Happenings for the Week of November 4, 2013

We LOVE our Memoria Press curriculum this year, but we are taking a break for now as I allow my kids to immerse themselves in Minecraft. Why would I do such a crazy thing you ask? 

Well, because they only recently started playing Minecraft and I have watched them do some amazing things. 

  • They built a Hunger Games world from scratch
  • They have built a working community, complete with a barter system
  • They have figured out some complicated combinations for crafting items they wanted  
  • They have built a theme park
  • They have built rockets and pirate ships
  • and so much more..... 

You are still probably wondering why on Earth on I would forgo our regular lessons in lieu of game play still. Well, I will tell you, while playing I have watched them

  • Work on math skills such as basic arithmetic, measurement and geometry
  • Use creative writing while practicing their spelling
  • Gain a better understanding of the vital roles in communities
  • Practice basic physics and chemistry
  • Research and learning everyday as they search out sources online to learn how to do more in the game.

If you are still freaked out at the lack of "formal" studies, don't worry. Our week still included penmanship, reading, memory work, math labs and copywork for our Foundations in Writing class at Brave Writer. 

Speaking of Foundations in writing, we are only in week two of the online class and so far I LOVE it. Seriously, the kids have only had one assignment, but I am learning so much about the skills needed just for the simple task of copywork. As adults we tend to forget about all of the little things that are second nature for us in writing that may be really difficult for a child. I really look forward to continuing on.

What's going on in your homeschool right now? Have you ever taken a break to immerse into one thing like we are with Minecraft?