Influence Grows Like a Weed - Varys

But first, we must plant the seed!

n the world of politics and power, this line from last Sundays episode of Game of Thrones on HBO rings true. But it is also a great reminder for those that seek to utilize social media to grow their influence.

Breathtaking Garden Doesn't Grow Over Night

Sure, you could go to your local garden center and buy a bounty of beautiful flowers and before the day is over, be the envy of your neighbors. ut, you did not start those flowers from the seed. You did not tend the earth to encourage their growth. You did not diligently water them as they made their way from a tiny sprout to a blossom.

If you haven't put in the work for that garden, what knowledge do you have to share with its admirers. How long with the influence of its beauty really last?

The Same Holds True for Online Influence

You cannot expect social media influence to happen over night and you surely cannot expect to sustain that influence if you are not invested in developing real relationships   As you plant your seeds of knowledge, humor, advice, across the different platforms, you must keep a careful eye on them and in turn your influence will grow like a weed.

This advice holds true for brands and individual influencers alike. Heed the words of Varys carefully and take the time to craft a plan and implement it well.

Do you agree? Do you think social media influence must be tended to grow and flourish?