Is Video the Future of Blogging and Social Media?

Maybe, but for me it is a moth disguised a bull elephant staring me down, ready to trample.


Do you remember the popular song "Video Killed the Radio Star?" Of course you do! 

Just like all other forms of entertainment blogging and social media are in a perpetual cycle of change and growth. If you want to succeed, you need to keep up. But what happens when keeping up means facing down your own fears? 

Stephen Richards said, “Fear can make a moth seem the size of a bull elephant,” in Releasing You From Fear.

That is what putting myself in front of a camera is. A tiny little fear that parades itself in front of me in massive proportion with a million and one reasons why I shouldn't try. 


I'm not happy with my appearance


But with the increasing popularity of Vine, Instagrams video feature and Google+ Hangouts, I cannot help but realize that my fear is going to destroy me. Soon the lyrics of a new song, "Vlogging Killed the Blogging Star," will be stuck in my head.

Sure, I could ride the wave of the visual and continue to try and conquer Pinterest and the like, but then what? 

I blog because writing helps to keep me sane. The thoughts have to go somewhere and my poor husband can only take so much, you know. But in order to justify blogging into my daily life and schedule, I have to get more out of it. There has to some sort of gain, even if it is minute in the grand scheme of things.

If I don't commit to embracing video, I may soon find myself left out in the cold in the world of making money from reviews and sponsorships. 

So I am going to try and face down my fears, step out of my little introvert shell, and start to embrace the change.  


How about you, are you ready to conquer to video as it relates to the evolving world of blogging and social media or are you still staring your bull elephant down too?