iTooch Educational Apps from eduPad - Now Available on Android

I LOVE educational apps. So much so that my personal iPad is loaded down with them for the kids, leaving only a trivial amount of space for my personal apps. I usually have a hard time finding good educational apps for my Android phone though, until now. Just released, you can now get iTooch educational apps from eduPad on Android.

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I was NOT provided with full versions of iTooch apps or any other form of compensation for this post. I am writing it because I think educational apps are awesome and the ladies at Mosaic Reviews are too!


iTooch from eduPad


 eduPad publishes apps created by teachers and game developers for use on Apple, Android and Windows 8 systems. iTooch includes more than 30 apps for children in the 3rd to 8th grade ranges.

Apps available:


  • Elementary School: learn and practice Math, Language Arts and Science from 3rd to 5th Grade
  • Middle School: learn and practice Math and Language Arts from 6th to 8th Grade
  • Vocabulary: French as a foreign language, TOEFL and SAT

The apps include up to 6,000 activities each, lesson summaries, practice & test modes as well as levels, points, badges and social gaming to help make learning fun.


My Thoughts on iTooch Apps

I downloaded the free version of the iTooch 3rd grade science app to my Android phone. Here are the pro’s and con’s that I found.


  • I can add user name for each of my kids to track individual scores
  • The app divides itself into three topics; physical science, life science and Earth systems science and then further by topical chapters, making it easy to have my kids focus only on topic we are studying.
  • Each chapter is a series of review/warm-up questions followed by a test. Perfect for kiddo’s that don’t respond well to a typical pencil and paper quiz when you want to gauge what they have retained.
  • There are plenty of graphics used with the questions for visual learners.


  • There are no games in the science app to further learning.
  • There is no option to have the questions read aloud for students who may be further ahead in science then they are in reading.

Overall, I think the app is great for quick quizzes to reinforce subject matter we have already been working on.


Where to Find iTooch by eduPad

Online: At the eduPad website or on Facebook

Cost: Apps start at $4.99 (free versions are available)

Where to Purchase: You can get iTooch apps in the App store, on Google Play and the Windows Store.


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