January 2014 Monthly Wrap-Up

I can't believe January is over already! I've spent the month battling the head cold/sinus crap I told you about in my I'm a Blogger Slacker post. It, along with whatever cooties the hubs has been fighting off, caused us to miss our Nephews 1st birthday party and a birthday bash at my parents house. No roast pig for us! :-(

Even though I slacked, I did manage to get in 11 other post this month, did you miss them?

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Rounding out the other top spots in the Top 5 Post of the month, there was

1. Educational App Review - One Minute Reader

3. Budget Homeschool Planning with OneNote

4. What Do Puberty and Hot Flashes Have in Common?

Plus, I had my first post published at Home & School Mosaics this month - A New Twist on Story Time - Check it out!