Looking Back on my 2012 Disney Bucket List

At the beginning of the year, I told myself that I couldn’t be a pass holder again and only do the same attractions again and again. I made bucket list for all of Disney and set out to accomplish them during each visit. Sadly it was a slow Disney year for us as life got in the way and we only got to spend 8 days at the parks. We did manage to get some attractions marked off though for each park and here they are.


We finally visited Spaceship Earth, Ellen’s Energy Adventure and tackled Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure (though we were horrible at it.) We also got to meet Snow White for the first time in Germany, experience the Food and Wine Festival (I’m going sans kids next time) and sampled the food at the American Pavilion, which was far from a moving experience.

Animal Kingdom

We marked a nice amount of the Animal Kingdom list, though there is so much more to do. We experienced the Kilimanjaro Safaris®, the Wildlife Express Train, the Affection Section and the Conservation Station. We also snuck in a wait free meet and greet with Rafiki.

Hollywood Studios

I am saddened to say that we only marked two things off of this list, The Backlot Tour and eating at Pizza Planet. Sad I know! Oddly enough, we seem to be obsessed with four set rides, the Tower of Terror, Rockin Roller Coaster, Star Tours and the Beauty and the Beast Stage show. Really, doing the Backlot tour was a HUGE accomplishment for us and I’ve all but given up on Toy Story Mania. My last attempt found the fast passes all handed out at 10:30 am and 90 minute stand-by line. I’m sorry, but there is NO attraction that will get me to wait an hour and a half in line with 3 kids 10 and under. If I did, I would hope you would drop me in a padded room when it was said and done, because I would need it.

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was interesting this year as we got to mark a few attractions off that didn’t even make it on the bucket list, thanks to the staggered opening of the new Fantasyland. Though, I am sad to say that we haven’t been back to the park since October and haven’t got to experience the newest additions yet. What did we manage to mark off the list, the Main Street Electrical Parade, Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, The Hall of Presidents, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks and a meet and greet with Minnie. Let me tell you, I’m amazed my anxiety level did not go through the roof from the crowds and utter rudeness at those nighttime shows so I’m really proud to have crossed them off the list.

There you have it, what the Parmer family managed to accomplish, in addition to usual must-do’s, at Disney World this year. Will we continue to be pass holders for a third year in a row? Come back in visit me on January 3, when I share our 2013 bucket list with you to find out. Now, tell me, did you visit Disney World this year? Did you get to visit any attractions that were “new” to you or a family member?