Menu Plan Monday: Hello Swai!


It is time to link up with Menu Plan Monday for the week and this week I'm getting acquainted with Swai. Swai is a delicate shark catfish (really a fish and not a shark) from the rivers of Southeast Asia with a sweet and mild flavor. Why Swai, well Winn-Dixie ROCKED it this week with the fish available at the meat counter for $2.99 a pound.

Time for the Menu!

Monday - Fried, fresh caught, bass with mashed potatoes and seriously have NO clue what veggie yet. I may go completely unhealthy and fry up the last of the okra frozen from last years harvest.

Tuesday - Beef strogonoff with mushrooms, (that I picked up at Winn-Dixie for .89 a pack thanks to a super sale & $1 off stickers) fresh dill and some broccoli on the side.

Wednesday - I'm going to stir fry some rice with some green onion, julienned carrots, bean sprouts, egg, mushroom and ginger sesame sauce and serve them along side some pan fried, panko crusted swai fillets.

Thursday - Spaghetti sauce, salad and garlic bread.

Friday - Broiled Swai served with a warm spinach salad and baked potatoes.

Saturday - Family Date Night - eating out.

Sunday - Tuna Casserole with Peas.

I rarely use recipes, so I don't have any in my menu to share this week with you, hopefully I gave you a little inspiration though. I do suggest you check out this recipe for Swai Pad Thai, as it is sure to be on menu the next time the price is right on the fish.

Don't forget to link up your menu plan for the week over at I'm an Organizing Junky - Menu Plan Monday. Before you go though, have you ever had Swai? What did you think?