Menu Plan Monday - Soups and Stew

One of my favorite parts about the weather cooling off is making soups, stews and chili. There is just one problem with that right now, our high today in sunny Central Florida is 85. Yes 85

Regardless, we are having soup thanks to a snag in our co-op order. You see, in the co-op we order meat and cheese once a month, at the end of October, beginning of November, we placed our order for the December 7th meat delivery. I ordered six pounds of chicken breast, one whole chicken, four pounds of ground pork, one kielbasa and about a half a pound of cheddar cheese.

When planning my grocery menu and budget for the month I knew I would be picking up this meat and cheese and only budgeted enough to grab some beef from the local meat market.

Then I get the email at 6 am on the the 7th telling me that the meat supplier had DELAYED our order by two weeks! CRAP!  Good think I had one pack of chicken leg quarters left in the freezer. Time to reevaluate the meal plan for the week. With some clever shuffling of my grocery list and menu I made it work and this is what I ended up with.



Saturday - Homemade sliders, with sauteed mushrooms and onions (other toppers too) and homemade french fries. These were from beef ground at our local meat market just an hour before hand and on Fresh baked rolls from the Publix bakery. Total cost for six adult servings $8.34, awesome right! 

Sunday - Fish stew with slices of fresh french bread. I added garbanzo beans and corn to mine.

Monday - Curry chicken and rice with peas.

Tuesday - Spinach and Lentil soup with baked potatoes. (I may go with a meat free version, haven't decided yet.)

Wednesday - Taco Bar with toppings

Thursday - Chicken noodle soup and Salad. Made with bone broth from the curried chicken on Monday.

Friday - Leftovers Buffet



We have cold cereal, bacon, eggs, fruit, oatmeal, toast.



Leftovers, salad, sandwiches (ham, turkey, PB, blackberry preserves, strawberry jam, Almond butter) 



Cheese, carrots, celery, pears, raspberries, apples, oranges, bananas, pretzels, pistachios, cashews and almonds.




I wish I had the ingredients here to make the shrimp and chorizo stew with kale that we had in our HelloFresh box. It was so YUMMY and I'm ready to have it again! Maybe next week.




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