Menu Plan Monday - When Eveyone’s Got the Ickies


Hello, Menu Plan Monday friends, and everyone else.  Our house has been fighting off some nasty bugs lately, this is week two. Since I don’t want to eat canned Progresso every day in the midst of it, I figured it was good week to remember to plan a menu and take into account that I need to make sick and well people all happy. I’m not even going to bother to try and plan breakfast or lunch though, since sick kids’ means we will totally be winging it. In fact, my feverish 9-year-old with a sore throat has requested a liquid diet of V8 for breakfast.

MondayWonton Soup (I make my own wonton skins) and I’m going to make this Vegetable Stir-Fry recipe using bean sprouts, mushrooms and snow peas along with some beef and serve it up with some rice.

TuesdaySpaghetti (my own recipe) and salad

Wednesday – A whole roasted chicken, brussel sprouts and a loaf of Cranberry Orange Bread


Thursday – Beef Stew (I like the idea of this recipe that tosses in fresh green beans at the end)

Friday – Eat Out Night

Saturday – We have the Christmas parade in the morning and I have a baby shower in the afternoon, so I think we will make a big pot of chili in the crock-pot so that it is ready for us at dinnertime. Unless of course it is still warm enough to wear shorts and tanks here in Florida, in that case, I will figure out something else.

Sunday - A smoked pork butt, baked beans and corn on the cob.

There’s my simple menu plan for the week. The only thing that is actually going to take much effort is the wonton skins, but they taste so much better homemade. Be sure to visit the Menu Plan Monday link up to see what everyone else plans to eat and share your own meals for the week too.