Mommy, Why Did You Eat Me?

I never thought a day would come that I would share the hideous photos of myself that you are about to see. Since it was this picture that prompted the question of my three-year-old daughter, uttered with slight fear and defined seriousness, I must share.

You see, I ran across a flash drive full of photos and decided to browse through them last week. Naturally, the kids all piled up around me to travel down memory lane too. The photos ranged from 2006 to 2008 and are sweet reminders of Ema's 1st birthday, a time when her and Matt actually "played nice," the day Matt cut Ema's hair down to her scalp and so much more.


Then we come to the horrible picture of me, 5 months pregnant with Ali, miserable, as I had two wisdom teeth pulled out just hours before with simply Novocain. This is the moment, when after seeing other preggo picks, Ali shouts out with the fear in her voice, "Mommy, why did you eat me?" The older kids busted out laughing while I tried to control my laugh and calmly tell her that I did not eat her. Thankfully, she didn't further inquire as to "how" she got in my belly. I don't think I'm ready to have that conversation with a three year old.

Obviously, I didn't eat you my sweet little Ali, here you are!

And what did all of this time down memory lane and the question uttered by a three year old that I will never forget make me think of????