My Bad Damn Parenting Moment!


“Get the damn dog!” and other things that shouldn’t be said!

In just five short days, I will be at SheCon basking in the Social Media information goodness. Thanks to Subway & Disney my family will be joining in for a fun filled lunch on Friday afternoon. Therefore, I feel it is only fare to warn you about my bad damn parenting moment and how it may affect the lovely family lunch that is planned.

You see, I have the bad habit of using the worlds damn and dammit, a LOT. I try to curb it and catch it, but admittedly, I haven’t done a great job of it. I honestly never worried about it too much until now. Now being the time that I have a 3-year-old parrot on my hand named Ali.

That is right, I have a three-year-old running around shouting out damn and she may very well shout it out to you in public if her shyness doesn’t kick in.

I’m not proud of my stupid parenting moment or my mouth, but I can say that I am amazed at my Ali’s ability to use the words in context such as,


“Ema, get your damn dog!”


and, while pounding on the bathroom door as the hubs was taking a shower,


“Open the damn door!”


What amazes me about it is that while I have slipped on rare occasion and yelled out damn at the dog in front of the kids, my potty mouth is usually reserved for adult conversation with the hubs or while talking to a good friend. Apparently, my three old pays closer attention to my conversations that do not pertain to her than I thought.

Don’t worry though; you will not be bombarded at the family lunch by a pack of foul-mouthed hooligans. We really are your normal odd bunch.

In fact, I think my 9 and 7 year old kiddos have only ever uttered one bad word each. So if my cute little one happens to shout out “damn” at some moment, don’t judge, instead realize that we all have bad parenting moments at some point in time and this just happens to be a big one I’m working on.

So I can feel like a little bit less of a bad mommy, share one of your bad parenting moments with me. How did you get through it? Have any of your kids ever picked up a potty mouth, how did you deal with it?

2016 Update: My sweet little parrot went through a shit stage too and most recently informed the hubs about how pissed off she was. This child so takes after her mother….