My Brave Little Man is 10 Today

On the tram going into Hollywood Studios

It hardly seems as though 10 years have passed since I gave birth to my first child, my sweet little baby boy Matt. I remember my pregnancy and labor with him more vividly than the girls even though it was so long ago. I was only 32 weeks when I felt my first contractions and spent my first night in the hospital getting shots in the rear end to keep him from coming too soon. With lots of trips to the doctor, a few more to the hospital and lots of bed rest we managed to postpone his arrival until 38 weeks. It was close to midnight when water broke and we made our way to the hospital. Nine hours later they put my 6lb, 2oz healthy baby boy in my arms.

Now, here we sit, and just as tiny as every, my little man growing up on me, so much that he did something at his birthday party that even I won't do. But let me start at the beginning of the day last Saturday . . .

We all woke up early at our hotel in Kissimmee to head over to Hollywood Studios. Since he was finally big enough to get on Rock-n-Rollercoaster last year, this has become his favorite Disney World park.

First stop was the Tower of Terror and while he, the hubs and Ema got to ride in about 15 minutes, I went with our little one Ali and got a much needed latte for me and hot cocoa for her.

Next up, he got to go 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds with Aerosmith, not once but twice in less than 20 minutes (rider swap passess rock!)

From their we headed over to Star Tours and while the big kids and the hubs channeled the force I made my way to Toy Story in hopes of snagging up some fast passes (we've been annual passholders for 2 years and have never been on) only to find that they had all been distributed already at 10:30 in the morning. Boo!

It was time for lunch and what better choice for a pizza loving birthday boy than Pizza Planet! I can't say I was very impressed with the food, but he LOVED it.

After lunch we finished off our visit with the back lot tour that kept the kids wide eyed with amazement before heading back to the hotel.

We arrived back at our room at Celebration Suites just before 2, enough time to go play in the arcade and browse the cars arriving for the classic car show before we had to get ready for the party guests arrivals.

As our guests arrived they were greeted with a small feast provided by SUBWAY, one of the birthday boys favorites! Then we had cake and opened presents. It was about 6pm, dark and time to head over with everyone to ride the rides at Old Town.

The kids started out with the small, carnival style rides and worked their way up to the "big kid" thrills as the night went on and that is when my little man wowed me with his bravery, that is when he decided to ride this . . .

The Super Shot

Did he look like he was about to pee himself when he got off, yes! But my brave little man has watched that ride drop passengers over and over in the past year and decided that he was going to go on it and he did.

So while I sit teary eyed knowing that my first baby has made his way into the double digits, I also sit smiling and proud. I have watched him grow and overcome so much and knowing that he has that kind of courage in him is just amazing.

Happy Birthday Matt, mommy loves you!

*I reveived a $100 gift card from Subway for being a #SUBWAYfan for use at our party.