My First Crush . . . Hammer Style!

"Break it Down!" Oh the memories of being a child of the 80’s. By the time, I was ready to experience my first crush, I was in the streets, sporting my polka dot shorts, side ponytail and leg warmers and practicing my dance moves with my BFF by my side. You know you did too, do not deny it. In fact, join me in a little flash back now, get up, dance and sing along.

His Name was Aaron

I was 8 years old when I first laid eyes on Aaron, he just moved in from out of town, had blonde locks that could have landed him on the cover of Teen Beat and it was then that I learned Tom Boys don’t get the guy.

As quickly as Aaron popped in to childhood, he would move away again, but during that time I had fond memories of climbing trees, riding bikes and rolling down massive hills until the sun would set. During that time, I had made a great friend and I’m not sure he ever even knew he was a crush. What boy does at that age?

Aaron Scares the Crap out of Me Now

Well, not Aaron in the flesh, but rather the knowledge of knowing that I had a crush on him at 8 years old. My oldest daughter is turning eight in less than two months and I just cannot imagine my rough and tumble little baby looking at boys that way.

It is bad enough that my son, at 10 years old, is now insisting he is a “Pre-Teen!” Pre-teen, seriously, when the hell did 10 make into pre-teen status? What makes it worse is his “whatever” attitude is edging more and more towards teen like every day.

Someone please stop my babies from growing up! I would like reminisce about my own silly childhood crushes for a least a few more years before I start dealing with heartache that will come when children have their own.

Do you remember your first crush? Does it make your make your face light up like me?