My Perfect Date Night – Wine Me and Dine Me

Real date nights do not happen often for the hubs and I and when they do I just want to shout out “Wine me, dine me and spin around the dance floor,” well, maybe hold the wine and pass the liquor. Of course, then my husband would give me one of those are you F’n crazy looks, because dancing is NOT his thing, but we still get to partake in the wine and dine once and a while. Other than that, typical date nights around here mean the kids are actually in bed or playing nice together and we got more than 30 minutes to ourselves to talk or watch a show without interruption, But, once a year . . .

Once a Year Debauchery

Once a year we manage to get one of the sets of grandparents to actually watch our three kids overnight and then perfect date night is on like Donkey Kong. I book a hotel, we drop off the kids and we head over to International Drive in Orlando for an evening of just plain fun together. After we check into the hotel, we find one of the awesome dudes providing rickshaw transportation it start our night.

We always start the night with a little food; my favorite is Adobe Gila’s on the second floor patio at Pointe Orlando. There is always live music on the weekend, tasty food and the best damn raspberry margarita one can buy.

After We’ve Wined and Dined

The possibilities are endless on I-Drive as to nighttime entertainment. You catch a comedy show, go to the ICE bar, see the Titanic Exhibit, Dave and Busters, Fun Spot and so on and so on. You can do this (Watch below) but it is NOT a part of my perfect date night. In fact, if you try to make me get on it, I will find a fork and stab you!

As for us, we tend to keep our date night a little less cultured and a little more fun. One of favorite pastimes is to head over to Wonderworks and play laser tag. We rock at it, and after a few drinks, hearing foreign accents cry out trying to figure out who is shooting them is just hilarious.

If we are not busy laughing hysterically while on the tourist hunt, we are bar hopping via rickshaw or cab to hit up my favorite Irish pub for the best karaoke in the Orlando area.

Then it is back to the hotel, to sneak in a few hours of good sleep before head to pick up the kids,

What is your perfect date night? Do you ever get to enjoy it or any date night for that matter?