New Orleans is Taunting Me!

For over two years I told my husband how BADLY I wanted to spend my 30th birthday in New Orleans. I haven't been since I was 13 years old and have so many fond memories. Well, my 30th birthday has come and gone and there was no hope for my trip since hubby had a work trip to Vegas the next week.

Then, in May, I discovered the Niche Mommy Conference, a blogging and social media conference, to be hosted in New Orleans August 23 - 26. I immediately started dreaming of New Orleans again and how I could get my birthday trip, albeit a little late, and attend what looks to be a great conference.

I ran the numbers and decided that there was no way I could work the flight, hotel, pass and incidentals into my budget in just three months. So, once again NOLA was set off to the side.

In July, the Niche Mommy Network put up an applications for bloggers to receive a sponsored/scholarship pass for the conference. All I would have to do is cover the rest.

Oh, New Orleans, I knew you missed me!

So I filled it out and was shocked this morning when I opened my inbox to see that I had indeed been gifted a pass.The catch, I have until the 9th to accept the pass before it moves on to another. That means I now I have less than 48 hours to figure out a way to cover the flight, hotel and incidentals for a conference that is just 16 days away.

New Orleans, why must you taunt me so?

So, what am I doing to solve my little predicament, not much! I sent out a few feelers to possible sponsors this morning. But let's be realistic, the chances of finding a sponsor in less than 48 hours for a conference is about as impossible as Mother Nature giving me a three month break every year, just because I think that part of womanhood sucks!

I'm just going to sit here and daydream of the food, jazz music, the riverfront and the great speakers I wanted to hear until Thursday morning. Maybe fate will stop being so cruel and stop dangling NOLA in my face to taunt me, maybe not.

Regardless of the outcome, I wanted to give a great big thank you to the Niche Mommy Network and all of the conference sponsors for selecting me for a pass. It is highly appreciated and I would love see you in New Orleans.