#OddMomEntertainment My Fall Television Line-Up


I’m still trying to come to grips with the fact that I’m lucky to get 13 episodes out of some of my favorite television shows these days. Even though I think they torment us purpose with shorter seasons these days, I still have a lengthy list of shows on fall television line-up this year. My poor DVR is going to go into overdrive to catch up.

New Shows I Plan to Check Out

I usually give a new show at least two episodes before I decide whether or not keep or ditch it. I wonder which out these will make the cut.

·         Arrow

·         Beauty and the Beast

·         Revolution

·         Guys with Kids

·         Elementary

·         Vegas

·         666 Park Avenue

·         Last Resort

Old Favorites

I enjoy all of these shows, but I’m tossing my kids into bed like a mad woman at night to watch them. I get to them when I can.

·         Castle

·         CSI: NY

·         Gossip Girl (Hush…it’s my guilty pleasure)

·         Nikita

·         So You Think You Can Dance

·         The Pillars Of The Earth (One of my favorite mini-series being reshown)

·         Spartacus (2013)

My Must See Shows

I usually try to watch these shows live and will hurt you if you screw with my DVR if I can’t and I miss it.

·         Once Upon a Time

·         New Girl

·         Survivor

·         Game of Thrones (2013)

·         Homeland

New Shows Coming Mid-Season

·         Carrie Diaries

·         Crossbones

·         Hannibal

·         How to Live with Your Parents

I’m Still Pissed at the Networks for Dropping These

And I will cross my fingers that Netflix or another network will pick them up and bring them back to life!

·         GCB

·         The Secret Circle (oddly enough I really enjoyed this one)

·         The River

·         Terra Nova

·         Torchwood (I’m not linking this one because you have to watch the BBC version first and then the 1 season STARZ picked up)

There you have it, my “Yes, I’m admitting to you all that I’m a TV addict” list of shows for the new season. Am I missing any you think I should watch. What is your #1 must watch show of the season?