Our 2013 - 2014 Homeschool Curriculum

I have literally been pouring over curriculum options for months trying to decide what direction to go this year with the kids. I wanted to stay true to my teaching style and their learning styles while staying in budget. I've finally come to a decision. While I am actually purchasing curriculum this year (I usually write all of my own) we will still rely heavily on great books that I will share in a different post.

For Matt (10) and Ema (8) much of their work will be completed together and Ali (4) will have some informal PreK while tagging along with any family work that she wants to sit and listen to.




Matt has always struggled with math, simply because he has such a difficult time memorizing the facts. We are slowly making progress though. This year we are going to try out Minquon Math and hope for even more progress. Ali will be using her fun Leapfrog paper based products along with her 1, 2, 3 Early Learning Coloring Pad from Crayola when she wants do "school."



History & Geography

Memoria Press is our core for this subject area this year. Will we will be using Introduction to Classical Studies which covers Greek Mythology, Roman History and Christian Studies all in one. We will also be using the Timeline Program and States & Capitals. We will cover American History with our reading list.

For bonus fun, both kids have chosen to take the History of Weapons live classes from CurrClick this fall as well. 


Language Arts

We will be embracing the Brave Writer lifestyle this year, as it is just how we naturally like to do things anyways.  Ema still needs some work with phonemic awareness, so I'll be using The Wand and Jot it Down with her. With Matt we will focus on Partnership Writing and the Arrow. For Ali, I'm going to dig through my stash and find my copy of Before Five in a Row.



Back to Memoria Press, we will using both What's That Bird and Astronomy throughout the whole year along with the Project Based Zoology: Birds, live class at Currclick. For "lab" style work, we will use Potato Chip Science and EEME project kits, doing four projects total each month.


Everything Else

The big kids will taking PE at local fitness center that is offering a homeschool class. We are going to continue to work with materials from Vintage Remedies for health.

Art and music will be whatever projects or fun activities we find that intertwine with the rest of our curriculum. 

Character will continue with We Choose Virtues

If we don't feel too bogged down with our other subjects and time commitments, I plan to add Prima Latina in later for foreign language. 

For electives, Matt will be working on KidCoder from Homeschool Programming (review coming soon) and Ema will continue to work on Sewing


Here is a Peek at Our Loose Schedule

The times are just guidelines on the maximum amount of time to spend on each subject a day. We will never sit for a full stint of language arts (except for poetry tea time,) math etc, they will be broken up into smaller lessons.


We won't start our new school year until September 9th. Hopefully my ADD mind doesn't decide to change anything between now then. How about you? Have you settled on a curriculum plan for the year, link your post in the comments so I can check it out!