Our Homeschool Week in Review - Christmas Break is Over

I had grand plans for our first week back at it. I even remembered to fill in Matt's student assignment book so that he could work more independently in the new year. Then it hit me, these kids have been fueled up on Minecraft and daddy time chaos for two weeks, this would NOT go well.

Instead, I decided to ease them back into things by starting our work with fun educational shows on Netflix. This past week we watched

  • The Greatest Places - an IMAX documentary on seven of the greatest places across the world. The kids really enjoyed this one even though it was my pick.
  • National Geographic: Secret Yosemite - was Matt's pick and he was fascinated by it.
  • MythQuest - "Cleo and Alex witness their father disappear into the Cyber Museum, a computer program that allows them to travel into mythological stories. The two teens search for their dad, a quest made more difficult by a meddling god that is following them.." We watched episode 1 "The Minotaur" and episode 2 "Hammer of the Gods." This was my pick, but since the kids love myths they really are enjoying the series. I enjoyed listening to Matt explain Norse mythology to Ema during the second episode.
  • National Geographic: Secret Yellowstone - we started this one at Ema's request but haven't finished it yet.

Besides our Netflix binge we worked on some spelling/word study and drawing. The spelling turned into a tear fest, as it was a review of previous words and my little perfectionist was beyond irritated with me that I was drilling her "Something I ALREADY know!"

How did the transition back into the real world after a holiday break go in your house? Do you ease back into work like I did, or do you just go back full force on day one?