Our Homeschool Week in Review - Reading Excitement

Another week has come and gone in our homeschool this year as we inch closer to first baby officially being considered a "middle school student" by state standards. WOW that is scary, where has the time gone. Speaking of my first baby, Matt, something wonderful happened this week in the reading department that makes every book lover and mom light up with joy. He FINALLY really enjoyed a book.

You see, while Matt is a great reader, he has never found the pleasure in reading until now. He would pick up a book and read a chapter or two (unless it was assigned reading) and never go any further with it.  This week though, he chose a book, read it voraciously and asked me to purchase the next in the series for his Kindle. 

I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat as I knew he finally understood how magical and entertaining a book can be. If we only meet a third of his educational goals for the year now, I am good with that, because now I know he has the drive to pick up a book and explore the world through others eyes and learn as much as he wants for the rest of his life.

We had another great milestone in our house this week too, Ali who is 5, is finally showing an interest in learning and not only read the word mom, but finally learned to count (with the one on one correspondence) to 10. I know most kids can rote count to 10 long before the age of five, but she wasn't ready and I didn't push. Now that she is interested, she is blossoming and soaking up skills like a little sponge.

It was this past week too that she said the magical words as I read a book to her "I wish I knew how to read this, I want to read." YAY! It's time to start picking up Kindergarten materials from Memoria Press and add some regular lessons into our day for her.

As for miss Ema, we actually made it through a week of school work where she wasn't breaking down into complete tantrums screaming that her work was too easy/hard and refusing to do anything. This comes after giving her book break and assigning all of her work either on the computer or the iPad. I'll stick with it for another week or two and when she has her confidence back up and realizes she CAN do it, we will be back to our regularly scheduled lessons.

We will be heading in to next week with an attempt for Matt to work independently other than family lessons such as literature read alouds, poetry etc. I am doing this by typing all of his lessons into notes in Evernote that he can access on his Kindle. His assignments for the week along with links to any relevant resources and due dates are all there for him. He will be responsible for completing it all by the end of the week, allowing me more time to work with the girls since I won't have to micromanage every detail for him throughout the week. 

Fingers crossed that it works out and I will let you know next week! How was your homeschool week, any memorable moments in your home?