Our Homeschool Week in Review: Where vs. Wear

Ah, homophones. Those tricky little devil words that still hang up many adults. For what ever reason, my twisted little mind loves them. Somehow it deems them like a puzzle and I LOVE puzzles.

This week I had the pleasure of teaching an impromptu homophone lesson over where vs. wear with Ema, thanks to our lovely friend MInecraft.

Ema REALLY enjoys the computer version of the game and is often playing skywars with some friends she has made on there. Over the past few weeks this has had her writing/typing a LOT as she chats with these new friends. I have watched here sentences grow in length and writing vocabulary increase. It is AWESOME!

What is more awesome is that she isn't afraid to ask me how to spell something she isn't sure of so we have gotten some really good, low key, spelling practice too. That is how we managed the where vs. wear lesson. She typed out wear and didn't think it looked right, prompting her to ask me how to spell it. 

Matt is slowly building a whole town in is xbox Minecraft ( He's hoping Stampy will come and tour ) and continues to amaze me. He has built quarries, a hospital and pretty much everything you would really need or want. He has even built a theater where him and Ema create stories and put on shows.

Beyone Minecraft we've studying early American History, Greek Mythology still and of course they have been steadily going at their math, penmanship and reading lessons.

Little miss Ali has been having a blast in Reading Eggs as we are currently reviewing it for Home & School Mosaics ( Look for it on the 4th of February.)

In addition to Reading Eggs she has finally shown an interest in numbers and has been running around counting everything. This prompted me to sign back up for Dreambox ( though I still DESPISE their Common Core Correlation) to allow her to play there too. Because, let's face it, if the kiddo loves computer games, it's better to let her play on a fun math or reading program than Disney Jr., no matter how much I LOVE Disney.

By the way....we attempted to watch a show on the 7 Wonders on demand from the Science Channel. It didn't happen. The first 60 seconds were some VERY inappropriate jokes about "balls" and I'm not talking about the kind you bounce or throw. You've been warned!


How did your homeschool week go? Did you have any unexpected but useful lessons like ours?