Planning a Birthday Party for a Little #SUBWAYfan


We are at t-minus 48 hours and 39 minutes as I write this post until we will be celebrating my first born baby’s 10th birthday. I can’t help but tear up knowing that my first little bean is going into the double digits and that is just one of the reasons why we wanted to make his birthday party one to remember and SUBWAY has helped to make that possible.

First, let me share my thoughts on birthday parties with you. The hubs and I believe that most folks get a little extreme in the party department, hosting elaborate get together every year, for each of their offspring, with at least 30 guest. We are more about focusing on the birthday itself and early on put the “you can only have a party every other year” rule into place.

It has worked well for us, and it turns out our kids too. The birthday boy hasn’t actually had a party since he turned 7, and our soon to be 8 year old, since she turned 5. Why, because they decided that a trip to the movies, a day at Disney or just a nice family dinner were suitable, and it was their choice.

So, when my son announced that he would like a party this year, I decided that after a two year hiatus and would happily grant his request with bells and whistles. We discussed locations and Old Town USA, in Kissimmee, Florida was decided upon. We originally planned to have pizza for a local pizzeria and then treat all of the kids in attendance to arm bands for the rides.

Before I knew it, our guest list had risen much higher than anticipated and so had our cost. We were talking about spending well over $500 on birthday party that was happening 10 days before Christmas. GULP!


Then I received the awesome surprise that SUBWAY would be sending me a $100 gift card to use towards a party in appreciation for being one of their biggest Twitter fans of the year. Woo Hoo, YOU ROCK SUBWAY!

I couldn’t wait to break the news to my SUBWAY loving birthday and the hubs as I sighed a big sigh of relief knowing that we would pull off an awesome birthday party after all without going broke in the process.

So as I finish up my final preparations for the party and get ready to head off the hotel tomorrow night, I’m wondering, how do you deal with birthdays? Do you have big parties or intimate gatherings? What about the food? Have you ever used a service such as the catering available from SUBWAY for one of your parties?