Programming Lessons for Homeschoolers with KidCoder Windows Programming

What's a mom to do when her kid pieced apart and rewired every last old piece of electronic equipment and broken down computer in the house? She jumps for joy at the chance to review a computer programming curriculum with said child; allowing him to focus his creative energies in a new way. 

(Disclaimer) Through Mosaic Reviews I was provided the opportunity to review KidCoder Windows Programming and Game Programming from Homeschool Programming for free in exchange for my thoughts.


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About Homeschool Programming

Homeschool Programming is the brainchild of two homeschool parents with degrees in computer science and electrical engineering that were shocked to find one day that there were no courses on the market to teach kids about computer programming.


They put their 17+ years of software industry experience to work and created multiple courses that teach kids how to design websites, write programs, games and even Android applications. 

The courses are meant to cover one semester each and include

For 4th to 12th Grades

  • KidCoder: Beginning Web Design – First semester course (introduction to HTML and CSS)
  • KidCoder: Advanced Web Design – Second semester course (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)

For 6th to 8th Grades

  • KidCoder: Windows Programming – First semester course (introduction to Visual Basic)
  • KidCoder: Game Programming – Second semester course (Visual Basic game programming)

For 9th to 12th Grades

  • TeenCoder: Windows Programming – First semester course (introduction to C#)
  • TeenCoder: Game Programming – Second semester course (C# game programming)


  • TeenCoder: Java Programming – First semester course (introduction to Java)
  • TeenCoder: Android Programming – Second semester course (Android programming in Java)


Our Experience with Kid Coder Windows & Game Programming

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Like I said, when I agreed to review this curriculum, I had Matt, my 10 year old who starts 5th grade next week, in mind. To start, I printed out the student book for the Windows programming (come to you printed already if you purchase the curriculum, mine was not for review purposes) and chapter test.

I then sat down with Matt and we started reading Chapter one together. As a child who is already fascinated with inventions and finding out the date of everything, he loved the introduction to computer history.

I quickly realized that even though Matt loves this sort of stuff, that because of his age we would stretch a semester course out over a year and work our way through slowly. For this reason, we haven't even touched the game programming portion yet, so I will be sure to come back and provide a second review when we do.

So far Matt has installed Visual Basics on worked his way through chapter two of the course, an introduction to the programming that is perfectly titled "Get Your Feet Wet." 

While he does need my help at this point he is really enjoying the curriculum and can't wait to progress and program his own games. 

If you have a child that is fascinated by computers or how games are made, I would highly suggest adding a Homeschool Programming course into your curriculum. 


How to Get Homeschool Programming Courses

You can purchase any of the courses at the Homeschool Programming website, starting at $70 per semester. You can also check out Homeschool Programming on Twitter or Facebook

Don't forget to read the reviews of my fellow Mosaic Reviews teammates to learn more about the other courses (and to see pics of them in use, because I was a giant slacker in taking pics and screen clippings for this review and they are really helpful to see!) case you were wondering, these courses may be geared towards kids, but I think they are great for grown ups that want a gentle introduction too!