Real Mom Moments - I Think I Broke my Toe

So many blogs are full of fluffy perfectionism. Perfect crafts, gorgeous food photos and tales of days that are reminiscent of a television sitcom from the 50's. Well, guess what, I'm a real mom and I have real mom moments daily. I'm going to start sharing those real mom moments with you.


So what happened to my toe? It all starts at around 10am Saturday morning. I decided I needed to go deep clean Matt's room for him. It had become cluttered, disorganized and I was scared at the thoughts of what could be hiding under the bed. 

Fast forward to 5pm and I FINALLY finished. There were now three things stored under his bed, one of them being a heavy, older model, sewing machine.  


Boys like to sew too! 



Zip ahead further to 8pm. Because of where I put Matt's bed, he couldn't close his door. I don't care how manly a 10 year old boy wants to try and act during the day, closet doors still must be closed at night!  I proceed to pull his bed forward a few inches so that the door can close and



Metal sewing machine, meet my foot! 


I screamed, words came out of my mouth that shouldn't have and I proceeded to cry for 15 minutes. 


In my small moment of forgetfulness of that evil device hiding under the bed, I managed to scream like a banshee at my 8 year old, make my 10 year old feel unbelievable guilty for asking me to close the door and totally freak my 4 year old out with the full five minutes of lip biting and grunting that followed the attack on poor toes. 

Did I leave a permanent scarring memory behind, maybe. Maybe they will just grow up and laugh at that time "mom" flipped out and possibly broke her toe?