Saving Memories Forever - An App Review


Memories, especially memories passed down from family members, are a precious thing. Their stories give us insight into ourselves and bring understanding where it may have otherwise been lost. I have recently had the opportunity to review the app Saving Memories Forever as a part of the Mosaic Reviews team.


What is Saving Memories Forever?

Saving Memories Forever is an app for for both iPhone and Android phone formats that allows you to record stories from yourself and family members to preserve the memories forever.

There are many story starter questions on the app, such as "What was your first real job?" and "Describe yourself as a teen." 

You start out by adding your story teller and then you pick a question to ask and record their response. Once it is recorded it is automatically uploaded to the website where it is saved forever.

Features such as the number of story tellers you can have and the ability to search your stories by tags, varies from the free service to the premium service.

Check out this video to learn more.

My Memories

As I like to be 100% honest in all my reviews, I must tell you that I haven't saved and uploaded a single story using the app. I tried, I recorded stories more than once but never saved them. Not because I do not like the app, but because I just felt like I wasn't able to articulate what I wanted to say. I couldn't verbalize the memories I wanted to leave behind for my kids.

As for recording family members, I never see them. The few times I have seen family since having the app, we were so caught up with life that I didn't think to sit them down and have them share with me.

I wish this app was available 15 years ago. I wish I could have gotten stories from my Granny about my dad's side of the family that seem lost now.

So while I cannot tell you what it is like to have the app actually save your memories for you, I can tell you that I think it is a wonderful concept that I plan to fully utilize whenever I get the chance to snag up a loved one and pick their brain.

For now I can tell you this

  • I downloaded the app on both my iPad and Android phone and it works great on both.
  • The interface is really easy to use.
  • I love the fact that it is an app on your phone that you can take with you and not tied to your computer. It gives the opportunity to record stories when the chance presents itself.

Here is How You Can Get the Saving Memories Forever App

Visit Saving Memories Forever to learn more and then you can download the free version for iPhone or Android or choose the premium version for just $3.99 a month or $40 for a full year.

You can also find Saving Memories Forever at your favorite social media spots