Seasons of Homeschooling

This picture was shared on the Brave Writer blog last spring, and oh how the words ring true in our home.

Every spring we hit a wall and stop trying to follow the well laid plans and just learn. My article next month at Home & School Mosaics covers one way that we that break out the homeschool spring fever with Morning Musings, a collection of short activities around one topic or theme a day.

Today though, I want to talk about the lovely Brave Writer lifestyle and how it is encouraging the rest of our school year along with those Morning Musings.

Starting next week our school days will start with the musings and end like this

Monday - Math Games

Tuesday - Poetry Tea Time

Wednesday - Language Games

Thursday - Docs or EduTV on Netflix or Amazon

Friday - Freewrites and Nature Study


No lesson plans, no core text and no workbooks!

Just interest led learning in the morning followed up by fun learning in the afternoon. I might even break out of my "I'm SO not a crafty mom" mode and hit up Hobby Lobby so that some fantastically messy but expressive learning can take place too.


How is your homeschool faring as spring approaches? Are you hitting that brick wall yet or are you that fabulous supermom homeschooler that I daydream about? 


Psstt....don't forget to visit next month to read my article.