See You Later Disney World

I will not say goodbye, I refuse to say goodbye, but for now I must prepare to say see you later to Disney World. After holding annual passes for two years, we decided that we would not renew again this March.

I know you are probably grumbling under your breath about me whining over giving up annual passes to Disney World. I realize having passes is not a luxury that many people, especially those not living in Central Florida, get to experience. But after having the luxury of popping into the parks when we pleased and making so many wonderful memories it really was a hard decision.

So why did we make it? Well, for one, the hubs is considering out of state transfer, which would make paying out $150 a month for entertainment we could no longer partake in, certifiable. The other, even without a transfer, we are planning a move in March that change our current financial situation and I’ll no longer be able to justify our weekend trips to the most magical place on Earth.

I honestly think I am taking it harder than the kids are. Well, not the 4-year-old, Ali, she really does not get it yet and I am sure there will a full on diva princess meltdown when she ask to go and we tell her no. The big kids are excited enough at the moment over the “move” that they do not mind putting Disney on the backburner.

I do not know when I will greet those beautiful entryways welcoming me to the Disney property again, but I can tell you this; if I ever become one of those awesome popular mom bloggers a mom blogger that makes enough income to pay for the passes without it coming out of the family budget, we will be reunited!