A Polar Bear Mini Unit - Books, Crafts and More

We actually had two days of cold weather, well cold for Florida anyways, this past week. Meanwhile, the rest of you are still iced over and hunkered down so I say, polar vortex smortex, let's talk about polar bears instead. I love our current curriculum, but sometimes it is fun to just stop for a week and learn about one thing that fits the season of the year or your children's current interest. What better time to plunge into some polar bears then during the icy cold of January.

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Timeless Education: Upper Years Book List

I'm sort of sad today as I publish this post, the final in my series of classic literature for kids. We started out with with the PreK years and now here we are with some great selections to read with your high school aged children. European history, Shakespeare and a generous helping of Sir Walter Scott are all included. 

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Timeless Education: Middle Years Book List

Over the last few months I have been sharing a collection of wonderful classic books to read to your children. Today's list moves beyond the primary age and focuses on books to read aloud or with your children that are 10 to 14 years old. 

The list is considerably shorter, as we assume your children are reading the majority of their material independently at this age. It also places most of the focus on Roman history.

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