Fat, Why do You Hate Me?

So, completely non-home-school related, I wanted to share with you something that is frustrating the flipping fudge, is good at the holidays, out of me.

I know it is a difficult concept for many to understand but I am skinny and not happy with my body. At 5’ 5’’ tall, my BMI is really low with my weight teetering between 91 and 93 pounds. I LOOK too skinny, my face looks sunk in and my collar and hipbones protrude.

Surely, there must be something medically wrong you say, nope. I've had all the test done and I am healthy and normal on the medical front. So now, you whisper in your head, “Is she a drug addict?” Nope, sorry to disappoint you, while I dabbled in my late teen years this mama knows better.

So what is the deal, why can’t I gain weight? Your guess is as good as mine is. Here is the frustrating part though. For the past two weeks, I have tried so hard to make sure I am consuming what I need to, tracking it all with SparkPeople. I need at least 2400 calories a day, 147 proteins and so on. It is hard to do this and still eat a healthy diet that isn't chock full of saturated fat, sodium and well just processed crap. I've been doing it though.

Now imagine my disappointment when I got on the Wii Fit yesterday for a body test to see that my weight had DROPPED further, to 89 pounds!

Catch your breath yet?

Yep, I am a 28-year-old mother with three kids who weighs only 89 pounds and my size 0 pants are falling off me. It really makes me want to cry.

So what is my point in sharing this you ask? Well, next time you run into someone exceptionally skinny and feel the need to make one of the following unsolicited comments, please don’t. It hurts, really it does. Unless she is a supermodel chances are she doesn't enjoy being this way for reasons such as trying to find age appropriate clothes or any clothes really that actually fit. Let us not forget a bra that fits if she has a little bust.

So remember please do not utter these words, it will be appreciated:

“Don’t you eat anything?”

“We need to get some fat on you, you don’t look healthy.”

“I wish I was a skinny as you!” (really you don’t)

Okay you get the point; I've probably heard a million other phrases since I was a teenager, but no point in rehashing them all.

Come back at a later date to find out if I've finally been able to gain some weight working towards my goal of at least 105 pounds.